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Venturing Into PC's

1996 - First PC

I was still making the ROM boards for the CPC6128 when I bought my first PC in 1996 (I think!) - a shiny new desktop made by Packard-Bell (known as Packard-Hell by users now) with the following specifications:

At the time it was one of the best machines you could get for the money without breaking the bank. I used it learn about the OS and familiarise myself with these new fangled machines everyone was talking about.

1997 - Time to upgrade!

A year later in 1997 I decided it was time to upgrade again and bought a mail-order system based around a P200 MMX with the following specifications:

Once again, that was an excellent system at the time, with the PII just appearing 6 months later. Again, after another year I decided it was time to upgrade once again.

1998 - Here we go again!

In 1998 I saw a good deal from Sight & Sound Computers - their SSC Vision system based upon:

This system brought me into 3D gaming for the first time with the PII 266 and Voodoo 1 being an ideal platform at the time. It was also at this point I started playing my favourite golf game on the PC - Links LS. Later that year the famous Intel 440BX chipset appeared for the first time and started getting rave reviews, along with the introduction of the cheaper Intel Celeron processors in PPGA format.

So, in 1999 I decided it was time to upgrade once again - this time taking a different approach and building my own system.

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