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Who is Paul Collins?

Name: Paul Antony Collins (aka PAC or PACMAN due to registering scores on video games - or PACCERS when these aren't available)
Date of Birth: 1st October, 1963
Marital Status: Single


Sorry if this breaks your screen but this is me (by all means click on the picture if you can handle a bigger version):-


Where I Live

I live in a village called Histon, just north of the famous University City of Cambridge, UK.

Where I'm From

I originate from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire in the North of England near the border of South Yorkshire.

What I'm Currently Doing

When I'm not at home working on the website or startup programs you'll probably find me watching my favourite football team - non-league Histon FC. I've supported them since watching them beat Shrewsbury Town from League 2 by 2-0 on 13th November, 2004. I've hardly missed a home game since and in our first ever season in the Blue Square Premier (known by most as the Football Conference) never missed a game, home or away! Unfortunately, due to finanncial problems accumulated by the old board, we were relegated last season after 4 years and now play in the Blue Square North. Ridiculous as it seems, although Histon is only 65 miles from London they're in the North, along with that other northern city Gloucester! This is due to the imbalance in the number of teams. We currently have a very young squad (if you take out the player-manager and keeper the average age is ~20) and are currently holding our own.

I won't dedicate much space here to Histon by may do in the future elsewhere on the site. Other notable victories in the recent past have been a 5-0 thrashing of local rivals Cambridge United in the FA Trophy 1st Round (which produced this famous YouTube video) and then in season 2008-2009 they beat both Swindon Town and Leeds United at home 1-0 in the FA Cup 1st and 2nd Rounds respectively - both were League 1 teams. Unfortunately they lost to then Championship side Swansea City 2-1 in Round 3 but pushed them all the way.

Where I Work

I'm currently self-employed, focussing mainly on investigating and documenting Windows startup programs but also working on this site and doing some PC building, repairing and cleaning when I can get it. It's something I've always wanted to do but never had the gumption to do so but with the current bleak job prospects due to the global economic downtown I thought I'd at least have a go - hence you'll see some advertising around these pages now. It's better than being sat here doing nothing!

The last time I worked for an employer was during a trial period with F-Secure Corporation, who are an internet security company that "protects consumers and businesses against computer viruses and other online threats from the Internet and mobile networks." Their headquarters are based in Helsinki, Finland but they have offices all around the world with major ones in San Jose (California, USA) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Unfortunately the project I was working on for them was put on hold and therefore the trial period was terminated before it reached a conclusion. At least I had to chance to visit Helsinki and spend an extended period in both San Jose and Kuala Lumpur - 3 countries I've never visited.

I previously worked as Senior Electronics Design Engineer for an Italian owned company called EuroTech Ltd but when I joined them they were called Arcom Control Systems Ltd. They design embedded boards, single board computers and associated peripherals and have been in business since 1982. Unfortunately, due to a combination of poor sales outlook and the new ownership they had to make some people redundant in March 2008 - with me being one of the unlucky ones. I enjoyed my time there and it gave me the opportunity to design a computer motherboard for the first time - which is something I always said I could do but never had the chance to.

Prior to EuroTech Ltd worked for a relatively small company called Radiant Networks PLC as a Hardware Engineer in their Network Systems Group. They're developing a unique way of delivering "broadband" data services to small businesses and residential customers and have been in business since 1997.

Prior to Radiant I worked for a large multi-national telecoms company called Marconi. I thought I had job security with them but after 15 years in hardware design they saw fit to close the Poole site with the loss of 600 R&D people.

My CV:

Paul Collins


A self motivated Electronics Design Engineer with 21 years experience

Key Skills:

Additional Skills:



1982-1986: BSc Electronic Systems & Control Engineering @ Sheffield City Polytechnic
1980-1982: TEC Diploma in Technology @ North Lindsey College of Technology

Career History:

2008-2010: Self Employed, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

I'm currently self employed, focussing mainly on my startup programs website but also expanding other sections of this one doing some PC building, repairing and cleaning when I can get it. It's something I had always wanted to try but never had the courage to do so - until the trial with F-Secure ended and job prospects were still bleak due to the global economic downtown.

I spend most of my time identifying new start-up programs entries for the database and investigating those already present via virtual machines. I provide this as service to both individuals interested in improving the start-up performance of their Windows PCs and software companies producing utilities for this purpose.

2008: F-Secure Corporation, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

F-Secure Corporation are an internet security company that "protects consumers and businesses against computer viruses and other online threats from the Internet and mobile networks."

During 2008 they gave me an opportunity to work on a potential new project that was going to use some of my program analysis skills developed whilst working on the Windows startup programs website. Unfortunately, after a 4 month trial period the project was shelved. Although the headquarters of F-Secure are based in Helsinki in Finland and they have an office in the UK I would have been working from home.

2004-2008: EuroTech Ltd, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Eurotech Ltd design, develop and manufacture embedded single board computers and custom desgins for the Transportation, Communications, Defence, Security, and Industrial markets. As part of a small design team I worked on the following projects:

2001-2003: Radiant Networks PLC, Little Chesterford, Essex

Radiant were a small company producing an innovative Broadband Fixed Wireless Access system. As part of a small design team developing the company's digital products I worked on the following projects:

1986-2001: Marconi PLC, Poole, Dorset

Marconi was a large company producing optical and digital switches, multiplexers and cross-connects for the Telecoms market. As part of a medium sized design team I worked on the following projects:


ATM, SDH, Telecomms/Datacomms, Boundary Scan, FPGA Advantage, Doulos Comprehensive VHDL, MS Office 2000, C


PC building, upgrading, maintenance and support
Keen coarse angler and golfer - 11 handicap
Web-site design and maintenance - author of the world leading web-site for PC start-up programs, respected by Tech Support staff worldwide

If you want to advertise on this page please E-mail me at paul_at_paulslounge_dot_co_dot_uk

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